A deer that catches stars in its antlers

Upside-down cat eye
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got 99 problems 97 are school and the other 2 are you

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i feel like tall people at concerts have everything they want in the world

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I saw Ed Sheeran perform live for the first time at the The Chelsea tonight, and I’m convinced that my life has been made. He’s my utmost favorite artist, living or dead, and he was so freaking amazing. He seriously performed for an hour an half just singing and playing guitar and using a looper. Be still, my beating heart. I’m crying because he skipped a song on the setlist though. I needed you in my life for those extra three minutes.

Also, I went to Wicked Spoon, and they have a mac and cheese bar. The man working there is a genius.

TYSY & AP & AV. #1 NA.

On a side note, taking a family suicide trip to LA tomorrow yay!

Polar Bear on Ice By pilapix


AM in the tree fort
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too broke for college not broke enough for the financial aid I need

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